This Vocation, Immerse yourself In The Beautiful Serene Landscape Of The Philippines

The Philippines is among those countries which are blessed with full of bangs, surprises, fun and adventures. There are many vacation hotspots where tourists love to come and enjoy. The Philippines is endowed with a vast biodiversity and stretches to many beaches, which you may not find anywhere else. If you never bring to this country then book your ticketsnow feel the beauty of the country from your own eyes.

The Philippines is a tropical country, it usually has sunny climate throughout the year. During summers, it’s really hot here but it does not mean that you will not get any cooler place in the Philippines to enjoy. So if you want to escape from this hot summer climate then we will suggest you some places which will keep you cool and stress-free.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island Philippines

In Boracay, you will not only get to enjoy the wonderful beach, but also the warm and hospitable nature of the locals. Boracay Island is always being the favourite vacation spot for many tourists and locals. It has become a major vacation destination all year round offering visitor’s powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. There are also lots of activities one can look forward to here like fire dancing during night time, parasailing, banana boat rides, diving, snorkelling, beach volleyball, island hopping, eco tours, and much more! 


Palavan Island

Palawan is an increasingly the most popular destination in the Philippines. Probably because The Amazing Race season 3 shot a leg in El Nido, Palawan, people have come to realise what picturesque scenery the place has to offer. Palawan is also famous for the gigantic and mesmerising rock formations and calauit Island, which was the best place for wildlife lovers.  Once a residential area, this surreal wildlife haven in Palawan has been a home to giraffes, antelopes and zebras since the 1970s. With the number of animals still continuing to grow, Calauit Safari Park has certainly done well in its efforts to help save them from extinction.

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines because of its crystal blue waters, white powdery sands, amazing sandbars and the Virgin Islands. Bantayan Island is considered as a virgin island because there are hardly any resorts established there yet and there are very few tourists who come visit the island It’s not too crowded there like many other famous beaches in the country. Here you have lots of activities to do like snorkelling, island hopping, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and other water activities.


Bohol Philippines

Bahol is very famous for Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, and that’s what comes to the people’s mind when they hear the name bahol. Besides these, Bahol has many other attractions to catch your attention, like if you want a beach and relaxing scenery, Panglao Island may be a better destination for you. The island tends to get too crowded during the summer as the influx of visitors is tremendous. Indeed, Bohol is one of the can’t-miss summer destinationsfor people who are fond of watching animals.

Olango Island

orlango island


This small island is actually part of a cluster of islands that also include Sulpa, Gilotongan, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Pangan-an and Camungi located off the coast of Mactan, Cebu. Olango Island is best for those who would like to stay at uncrowded beaches or for those who would like to check out migratory birds and other animals at the wildlife sanctuary.

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