4 Favourite Liquor Drinks You Must Try In Philippines!


Have the habit of trying the most popular and best liquor drinks, every time you travel to any new place? If you are travelling to the Philippines and thinking about which liquor drink to try? Then probably this blog post will help you out, as I have compiled a list of some of the best Filipino alcoholic drinks you shouldn’t miss trying over here.

Filipinos are best known to be the world’s heaviest drinkers, drinking is their favourite past-time. They love celebrating even the little things with a glass of drink. Whether it is their colourful festivals or whether they are partying in a club, you will always find a glass of liquor drink in their hand. And, thus, it is due to this reason why you find a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, be it the beer with a certain amount of alcoholic content in it or hard liquor or indigenous spirit.

While you are in Philippines and longing to get the best quality liquor drink at the best price, then all you need to do is simply use a Boozy voucher, it will help you save huge every time you wish to buy alcoholic drinks online. Boozy, being the leading online retail store for the widest range of liquor drinks, not only help you buy drinks at reasonable rates but also help you out the best and everyone’s favourite alcoholic drinks of top brand. Listed below are top favourite liquor drinks, you must not miss trying while you are in the Philippines-



Among the many choices of alcoholic drinks on the table, Beer is the classiest selection of alcohol. It is the greatest choice one can make for enjoyment. And thus, it is the most preferred and widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the Philippines. It is affordable and tastes great. Here are top 5 favourite beers you should never miss trying while you are here-

  • San Miguel Pale Pilsen
  • Colt 45
  • Corona Beer
  • San Mig Light
  • Red Horse



If you are seeking for a subtle drink which a bit harmless, then there is no better option than gin. It is the most available and preferred liquors in the Philippines. Gin is basically a spirit that contains an increased proportion of alcoholic content in it. It looks like water and is absolutely safe to have.

In the Philippines, gin is a well-known drink among the alcohol distributors as it is the fundamental and major ingredient in the multitude of bar drinks. You will always find Gin on the menu in almost all nightclubs and bar over here. If you are hitting a nightclub and thinking of which Gin liquor drink to taste, then check out the list given below-

  • Gin Kapitan
  • Gin Pomelo
  • Ginebra San Miguel
  • Bombay Saphire
  • Hendricks Gin



Made from sugarcane by-products, rum is the most adventurous selection of alcohol. Rums are refined and distilled through various ways as there is no specific process of its production. Tropical flavors are concocted together and aged for a particular period of time. There are many kinds of rum available in the market, namely the light rum, dark rum, spiced rum, gold rum, and sipping rum. Following are top five favourite rums that will the good times spend your loved ones roll-

  • Bacardi
  • Boracay Rum
  • Captain Morgan
  • Don Papa
  • Tanduay Dark Rum



The list of varied selections of alcoholic drinks is incomplete without vodka. It is yet another distilled alcoholic beverage composed of ethanol and water. It is the smoothest liquor beverage. There is a distinct dichotomy of vodka, i.e., flavoured and unflavoured.

The flavoured ones are usually identified with their distinctive aromas, whereas the unflavoured vodkas are often recognised as how strong they are in terms of flavoured neutrality, and are also determined by their brand, degrees, and pureness. If vodka is your ultimate option, then you must try the following drinks-

  • The Bar
  • Antonov Vodka
  • Cossack Vodka
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks

So, these are the top four favourite variants of alcoholic drinks, most of the people in the Philippines love to have and you will always them in every party, nightclubs, and bars. You can save your hard-earned money, every time you purchase a liquor drink for yourself by using a Boozy promo code.

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