4 Best Towns in Philippines Where You Would Love Stay

The Philippines is a collection of over 7000 islands which gives it a vivid range of landscapes with distinguished features and variety in their physical nature. The versatility is a very nice feature that makes a place worthy from the tourism point of view of and also as a viable place for developing homes. In spite of being a very gorgeous place, the country does not receive as a bigger crowd of tourist as some of the other south-east Asian countries are able to attract. this could be blessing in disguise for those who are looking for a peaceful escape for their holiday destination away from the areas overcrowded by the travellers.

This versatility of its landscape and the tranquil white sandy beaches make it an ideal destination for anyone who wants to stay at an exotic place exploring the wonders of nature without any hassle and noise. You will get to see a terrific range of hilly terrains full of lush green vegetation, typically dense rain forests, captivating waterfalls and even more beautiful seascapes if you would want to dive. But when there are so many options and islands it becomes relatively hard top pick select the right places where you can stay to enjoy all the aspects with ease. So here we will try to give you an idea about the better places where you can get a hotel room and enjoy the best of all things. You can also use the Zenrooms voucher to avail some amazing deals on your online hotel bookings.

Subic, Zambales

This place was a US naval base in the past. Subic is known for its adventurous offerings that attract those who desire for an adrenaline rush. The area offers some mind-blowing rides which are thrilling, to say the least. One can sea-dive in the nearby sea to explore the wrecked ships and the exciting world of the marine ecosystem. It is obvious that you will have the luxury to spend some lazy moments on those cosy beaches too. This city is also a very family friendly destination that offers a really great setting for family vacation trips. It is almost 4 hours of ride away from the capital city and can be easily reached via Metro Manila.

Makati City

If you do a little bit of research, you would find out that Manila is one of the most hectic places in south-east Asia and has very terrible management issues. But just at a little distance in the national capital region itself, you can find Makati city which is also called the business capital of the country that has maintained a really standout management. Therefore, it is a good place for the travellers to explore the culture and the society of the Philippines. There are some really great markets to do shopping as one can find some nice quality products at cheap prices. You can also find many great restaurants to get a taste of the Philippine culinary treats. This city has some great luxury hotels too which you can book using this Zensrooms Promo Code at great discounts.

Davao City

The crime rates have been on a serious high and are amongst the most discussed issues of Manila. But it is amusing to find one of the safest cities in the world for living inside the very same country. The Davao City is known for its very low crime rate and is one of the most disciplined cities of the world. The law enforcement agencies and the local governments have ensured to make it a very safe and secure place for anyone living here. The city has got some really marvellous landscape in the adjoining areas which every traveller would be ecstatic to explore. One can go out on trekking to the nearby hilly terrains which offer the raw wild experience of nature in a true sense. You can also find many amazing sights worthy of being captured to remain in your memories forever.

Tagaytay City

This is a relatively popular place when it comes to tourism and receives a great number of visitors who come to get mesmerized by its incredible landscapes. This city is just a two-hour ride away from the capital Manila and can be easily reached via road. The city has attracted all kind of travellers in this city whether it is in friend circles, families and couples. One could find some really jaw-dropping sceneries and wonders of nature nearby this city. There are a number of leisure and adventure activities available for those who want to have outdoor fun. The city maintains a very cool and moderate temperature all year round that makes it an evergreen tourism hub. Don’t miss out to visit the stupendous sight at the Taal lake which will literally leave you awestruck.


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