TicWatch Gadgets – Innovations That Make Your Life Smarter And Simpler!


With the digital advancement taking place every now and then, technology is becoming smarter, smaller and is integrated into almost everything, and this indeed has become a social standard nowadays. Today, whether it is a fitness tracker, smartwatches or even apparels, the tech items you wear to keep a track on your fitness are widely popular than ever. Not the fitness gadgets, there many other wearable gadgets that have gained immense popularity in past few years.

Besides wearable gadgets, there are thousands of high-tech items introduced in the market for home and workplace. Bluetooth speakers and wireless ear-buds, are among them. This year, with the drastic advancement in technology, we have been blessed with some of the coolest and funky tech products that not only make our work easier and simpler but also upgrade our life in a smarter way.

Ticwatch, a premier online shopping portal understands your need for staying up-to-date with the latest technology and so it offers you an exclusive array of high-tech gadgets meant for making your lives smarter and simpler. Whether you shop a smartwatch or smart speaker or even a wireless charging dock, to enjoy incredible discounts and offers, make sure you avail Ticwatch voucher.

Read further to check out what all tech gadgets you can buy from Ticwatch-

Ticwatch SmartWatches!


Being the first and last companion of your smart mobile phone, a Smartwatch is that high-tech gadget that boosts your productivity by providing you the benefits of a fitness band and a watch both. In past few years, smartwatches have gained immense popularity by undergoing a lot of transformations and advancements.

Ticwatch smartwatches perform tons of novel tricks like allowing you to surf the internet with your voice, taking up calls, reply to emails & messages and many more things. These are fully-loaded Android wearable gadget known for its great designs, inbuilt GPS, and accurate heart-rate sensor. The best thing about these watches is the low price, great functionality, and durability.

Ticwatch Smart Speaker!


Yet another widely popular gadget that Ticwatch pioneer in offering to you is its smartest ever speaker, TicHome Mini. With technology getting smarter, our homes are also getting smarter with innovative gadgets such as smart speakers.

TicHome Mini smart voice assistance gadget offers you hands-free help anywhere in your home. Designed to transform your home more than a place with power outlets, this leading-edge gadget is splashproof and compact in size.

Exclusive Specifications-

  • Built-in battery with the capacity of up to 6 hrs of usage
  • Take your Google Assitant anywhere, even in the shower as TicHome Mini is splashproof
  • Install Google Home App to experience the effortless setup
  • TapConnect, one of the fastest Bluetooth pairing feature
  • Built-in Google Assistant, your personal Google is at your service anytime, anywhere

Get this, coolest and innovative music-streaming pro, TicHome Mini for your home at unmatched prices by availing ticwatch promo code, that ensures you save big while shop more at huge discounted rates.

Magnetic Charging Dock!


Yet another must-buy tech gadget which you must buy from Ticwatch is the charging dock. designed with simplicity and innovation, Ticwatch’s charging docks are invention reduced your hassle of charging your tech-gadgets such as smartphones, smartwatches, etc., easily. These are highly functional and portable indeed enabling you to charge your smart devices at multiple locations be it your home or office or any location on-the-go.

So, these are trailblazing tech gadgets that you can buy from Ticwatch at comparatively best and cheaper rates than ever before.

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