Stay Hydrated! Stay Refreshed! With The Ramadan Skincare Guide!


As we know Ramadan is in full swing and during this holy month our routines changes completely. With the change in routine, eating and sleeping habits we tend to feel the difference in our skin as well. The amalgamation of less sleep, improper eating habit and summer heat leaves our skin dry, dull and more prone to breakouts and blemishes. Thus, you need to make smarter decisions related to your skincare throughout this holy month. You need to opt for skin care routine that can improve the health of your skin.

While during this holy month of Ramadan you cannot apply much of beauty products because you need to offer prayer regularly which is a must during the month. All you can do is follow a skincare routine that will help you stay hydrated during the fast.

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Check out the definitive guide to how you can take care of your skin and keep it refreshing, hydrating and glowing by eid-

1# Eat Healthily, Eat What Is Good For Your Skin!


If you want a healthy and radiant skin, then make sure you raise the amount of antioxidant intake during Suhoor and iftar. Eat healthy vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach and carrot that are rich in vital minerals and vitamins. Eat a handful of berries of your choice, dark chocolate, pomegranates and almonds rich in fiber and skin enhancing antioxidants. Also, make sure to open your fast with Dates, not only because it is Sunnah, but dates are a great source of iron, potassium, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium.

2# Moisturizing Is Important!


Moisturizing is a must because during the fast you can’t make your skin hydrated internally, all you can do is to moisturize it externally. When you are fasting, it is recommended to moisturize your skin at least twice. Use a  hydrating mist that will give a refreshing spritz of moisture. Aloe extracts enriched facial spray and rosewater are some other beauty products that you can buy for moisturizing your skin during the fast.

3# Facial Oils!


Suitable for all skin types, facial oils can do wonders by providing instant smoothness and softness to it. Packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, and fatty acids, facial oils penetrates into your skin and nourishes it naturally, fighting dryness, wrinkles, cures unwanted scarring and improves moisture level naturally. You can use facial oils at night to wake up with a soft, hydrated glow. Argan, jojoba and tea tree oils are the best to choose.

4# Hyaluronic Acid!


Hydration is a major concern in Ramadan, and Hyaluronic acid can work differently as compared to the salicylic and glycolic acid which only exfoliates away the dead the skin cells. It acts as a cushion to retain moisture and is really powerful as it can retain up to 1000 times more than other skin-enhancing acids. The acid contains anti-aging properties which maintain the elasticity of skin naturally.

5# Eye Care!


Having less sleep and staying awake late at nights makes your eyes look puffier and tired. You start experiencing dark circles. Thus, extra eye care is important and to make them look refreshed use Organic sweet almond oil. Enriched with anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, a gentle massage of organic sweet almond oil tackle puffy, tired eyes and dark circles.

And that’s a wrap to the skin care routine must follow for a healthy and glowing skin during Ramadan. You can buy beauty products associated with the aforementioned tips at discounted and affordable rates by availing Sephora voucher code.

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