Everything You Need To Know About Drinking In Philippines!

The Philippines is a beautiful country with amazing scenic views that is known for its architecture, waterfront saunter, islands and some traditional old Chinatown. If you visit this country, you will definitely have a great time enjoying places and also you can do what you love.

All the travellers who are planning to visit the Philippines or the local residents must agree on a fact that the Philippines loves a strong drink. The taste of beer and spirits have great importance in the local culture. The Catholic Church complete its toleration of alcohol and centuries of domestic composition that even Spanish triumph failed to finish.

When you visit the Philippines, you will see how Filipinos are connected to their drinks. So, before you reach there you should know about the drinking culture there and what is the best place where you can enjoy drinking. You can go online and enjoy drinking from Boozy, here you will get the best drinks served and even delivered to your address in Philippines. Alo, you can avail special Boozy promo codes that allow you to enjoy drinks at the budget and discounted prices.

Drinking on the Streets of the Philippines!

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When it comes to travelling around the Philippines, then you must know that whether it is lawful or not. As there are many places that do not allow drinking on streets but in the Philippines, you’ll be invited to drink with the locals. The Filipinos trend is that Good friend drink collectively, and new friends are made over drinks.

In the cities, you can enjoy drinking alcohol in the local bars. In the areas like middle-class, working-class and rural areas, you might find that the locals are sharing their drinks with you and at the local stores, you can join them and drink your heart out.

When anyone is inviting you over a drink, then it is rude to say no to the invitation. So, instead of saying straight no, you must stay for one round of drinks and then politely move off.

Choose Your Drinking Taste!

The Philippines is a country that has a long history and experience with the intoxicating drinks and before you go on to buy, you should know about the various locally-brewed options.

1. Beer

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Beer is undoubtedly one of the most preferred and famous exports in the Philippines that is produced locally. When trying, choose San Miguel Beer brand which is quite popular and famous as a major player throughout the range. San Miguel’s sister brand Red Horse Beer is also becoming popular and giving great competition to other brands. It contains a bit higher alcohol but is pretty cheaper when compared to other brand and thereby it is perfect for cost-conscious drinkers.

2. Hard liquor

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Filipinos have a great interest in gin and rum as they are less costly and give cost-conscious people a kick to buy it. Definitely, the Philippines can be said as the world’s biggest market for gin. About 43 per cent of all gin in the world is drunk in the Philippines, amounting to about 22 million events a year. The quality of the gin ranges from premium-gins to dirt-cheap rotgut exceptions known colloquially as “gin bulag” which means the gins so bad that it can blind you.

3. Indigenous spirits

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Coconut sap can be prepared with some great style by the producer of coconut and do some wonderful things to it. The lambanog flavour is quite economical and found in the cities, Basi is a fermented drink made from sugarcane found in Ilocos region, and Tapuy is brewed from ground rice and corn.


The Philippines offers the dirtiest spirits in Asia. So before you go to the Philippines, get ready to enjoy and fly to any of the Philippines top tourist spots. The locals will genuinely welcome you with open arms and offer you to sit down for a drink.

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