So ladies, Is this summer is making you dull sitting at the home with the fear of sunburns? Don’t get afraid, stand up and get ready to face the high-intensity ultraviolet rays coming from the sun because you know you have protected yourself using these summer tips. Now it’s no more a daydream for those who love reading books on the beach or booking a table in an open restaurant because you are protected from direct sun rays.

We know that long exposure to the sun will cause wrinkles, dark spots and sometimes even skin cancer. So it is very necessary to protect your skin from a direct exposure to sunlight for a long time. There are many skin products available in the market which uses modern technology & multi-tactical approaches to repair your damaged skin in summer maintain the glow of the skin.

The summer months are harsh on all skin types, but oily skin is more prone to pimples and breakouts. Once it appears it becomes greasier and looks dull and lifeless. Who wants them on the face? I believe no one, so it’s better to try these tips and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Let’s go.

Drink More Water


Although, it sounds very obvious and simple but it seems pretty rare to actually come across to someone who drinks the proper amount of water each day. We know that consuming an adequate of water each day can be very beneficial for us in hydrating our skin, preventing us from many health issues and even gives us more energy. Infusing water with lemon or any other fruit makes it more energetic and tastier.

Wash Your Face Regularly

wash face regularly

Your face needs a daily wash to be clean and oil free so that dust particles may not get combined with the sunlight and face oil resulting in creating a pimple on your face. Blotting papers can help you soak up the excess oil in problem areas without over stripping the moisture.

Use A Good Sunscreen Lotion

sunscreen lotion

A water based mortifying sunscreen is a good choice for oily skin as it helps keep your face shine free and gives you the protection you need Try Total Effects Foaming Cleanser. Buy a good cleanser from Althea PH using Althea voucher codes and save get a discount on your purchase.

Go Minimal On Makeup

no makeup

Summer is the time when you have to be real. Less makeup will be okay but using an excess amount of foundation and compact will make you look older and also clog your face skin pores. Even the best of foundations for oily skin will get runny when you perspire and adding extra products will only make your skin more prone to pimples.

Watch What You Eat

what to eat

Vitamin A rich vegetables like carrots, spinach and so on are helpful in slow oil production. Go easy on the alcohol, spicy and fried food as they all dilate blood vessels and compound your oily skin woes. If you are tempted, limit yourself to one drink a night, and eat spicy foods no more than once a week.

Avoid Exposure To The Sun

avoid sn

During summers, Sun is your skin enemy! Sun rays not only increases your oil secretion but also your body temperature. During the hours of 10 AM – 3 PM, the sun is at its strongest and most damaging state, so it’s recommended to stay indoors at this time.

Try these tips and stay safe and comfortable in the summers. For more offers and discount codes visit Voucher Codes and save your money!

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