5 Filipino Alcoholic Drinks You Should Try Now And Get Takeaway Free!

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Filipinos love Alcohol! They drink when they are happy, drink when they’re sad, and drink to party. Maybe it’s because of the hot climate or because of common and social lives. Even sometimes to discuss anything or celebrate, people gather over a group of drinks and do some rounds of it. Because of this social life is prevalent in the Philippines, many distilleries have produced local brands and beverages for Filipinos to relish.

But before you go out the market and choose standard cans of beer and bottles of rum, you should choose to promote the Friday night inuman to something classier, and of course, delicious. Taste is something which Filipinos don’t want to compromise and don’t like drinking wine as they don’t like its taste. They prefer other alcoholic drinks that suit their Philippine palate, and that’s sugary, that’s shimmering, and has lower alcohol.

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Here are 5 Filipino alcoholic drinks you should try now:

Palawan Wit

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The Palawan Wit is one of the most trusted signature beers of Palaweno Brewery, that prides itself for being the last frontier’s first craft beer. The Palaweno Wit is a wheat beer, you can try it and order it online as it’s refreshing and tastes good. It is a perfect beverage drink to have when you are on any beautiful Philippines island.

It has a pleasant Palawan twist, so if you wish to taste it then you have to go there to experience it. Many women would also prefer to drink this drink as it highlights the first women brewers, with each boddle made with tender love and care.

Gin Pomelo

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This drink is a smooth sipping cocktail made from winter citrus! If you have never tried then you should try out this most classic taste drink. The taste of the drink is so smooth that you will have a tantalizing experience after drinking it.

Also, you’ll be refreshed to discover that it is very easy to prepare. If you want to prepare this cocktail then first you need to process your normal gin with a fragrance of pomelo juice. Be positive to figure out some ice cubes before serving it. So, if you want to make a rememberable drink that will enhance your taste bud then you must take the whole drinking experience with your friends. You can include some snacks and popcorns by your side.

Amadeo Coffee Liqueur

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If you love coffee and are a coffee addict then you must try out to enjoy this drink name Amadeo Coffee Liqueur. This drink will serve you both the purpose of coffee and liquor. The drink is Amadeo’s rum-based coffee liqueur and is prepared with four different types of coffee beans, which are used in making Barako coffee.

Amadeo coffee liqueur is a great drink having a strong taste and its roasted notes do not let you sleep and keep you wake and do not overpower. It can be the best drink when partying or also to stay awake late at night to study for exams.

Halo-Halo Cocktail

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Halo-Halo drink is a classic Filipino Cocktail that is name after the beloved Filipino desert. You must try it out and can be well taken when you’re half right. The drink is a mixture of alcohol and dessert and can be easily drunk with the addition and effective solution name ‘lambanog’.

This drink is a perfect choice for everyone having a sweet tooth, as well as who have great attachment for alcohol. You can try it out at any time as it does not let you feel dizzy or down and can able to enjoy this drink easily.

Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

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Do you wish to try a new twist on the classic Margherita? If yes, then you should try out this famous calamansi drink instead of lime juice. The drink works pretty well for everyone, it contains Manille’s vodka-based liquor which practices calamansi coatings brought from famous Tugdaan mountains in Mindoro, providing your dink with an artisanal touch.

Hope, these five drinks will serve the purpose of your drinking for a different occasion. Try out these drinks now and enjoy takeaway service too.

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