4 Best Wellness Resort In Philippines For Relaxation & Rejuvenation!

If you are planning a relaxing holiday in the Philippines then you must choose a good place to stay. The best option is you could choose wellness resort that offers you comfort and peace of mind.

If your daily routine life has been a busy one and you are fully stressed out with work and studies then wellness spa resorts are the best option for R&R. No matter how your busy life has been on past days, whether it’s from school, work, or just the general hustle and bustle of usual life, everyone deserves a break every now and then.

So, its time that you all should find some time with your friends and family or just plan out some quality time with yourself. Here are four wellness resorts available at Zenrooms that will surely blend all your stress and fatigue away and make you new and fresh by the time your trip ends! Also, if budget is your priority then you can get all your favourite hotels at affordable and discount prices by choosing Zenrooms promo codes.

The Farm at San Benito

Visiting the farm resort at San Benito is one of the top places to visit. It is conveniently located in Lipa, Batangas and offers a holistic courage that isn’t just about your physical wellness. The resort is a multi-awarded medical resort, which includes a couple of medical assistance in its stockpiles such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Intravenous Vitamin Infusion, and Internal Organ Cleansing.

You can feel rejuvenated by trying out body rejuvenation treatments such as ventosa, mineral massage, and Tibetan steam therapy that includes soft rose petals and scrubs utilising coconut, papaya, or barako coffee. You will definitely be mesmerized by a wide variety of options and spa treatments. Here you will fully be taken care of your physical, emotional, and even spiritual well being.

Badian Island Wellness Resort

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Badian Island is just at a distance of a few minutes from the mainland but when you enter the resort you will peace like you are at a peaceful place away from all the noise and craziness. The Badian Island Wellness Resort offers great service that allows an encounter and help to concentrate on health and wellness without worrying its guests of the general activities that make Cebu a popular and favourite among tourist.

As Cebu is regarded as a popular tourist destination in the country, it attracts a huge crowd and being viewed as the most populated and commercialized places outside of Metro Manila. Here tourists have a good time enjoying Visayan province in crowds, and side by side find peace and relaxation along with a stress-free experience in Cebu.

Nurture Wellness Village

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To have a relaxing getaway in the Philippines, Nurture wellness village is also among the top list. Chances are that you will have a good time here at first places and will feel calm where you just want to be a breather from Metro Manila without going too far. The cooler weather, the view of the Taal volcano, and the various restaurants and cafes in Tagaytay make your day in this top tourist destination in the country.

You will feel here healthier, happier and better. This three-word assure you get a perfect holiday with best spa and pampering treatments.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and SpaZenrooms promo codes

Another suitable place where you can head to for all your wellness needs is the famous Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa. This isn’t just a resort, but it also positioned within the premises of the Loreland Farm Resort. So, you could enjoy here some lavish facilities like Bed and Breakfast service too which is nearby if you’re watching for another option to stay in the Philippines.

The hanging gardens house several exciting amenities which you surely won’t forget. So, go ahead for a lazy dive at the heated jacuzzi and take the most wanted hydro-massage pool or relax at the incredible view high up in the mountains of Antipolo. You will get here the swimming facility in the infinity pool. Also, you can find the sauna and a fish spa is also available in the hanging gardens!

Hopefully, the above four resorts will offer you perfect holiday itirenary and you won’t feel like ending your vacation.

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